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Effectively and professionally scale your brand through digital media communication. Mark Bishop Media is a Digital Media Marketing Firm whose approach enables new and existing brands to increase their brand story and generate new customers.


Mark Bishop Media allows you to communicate your message or "brand story" to a captive audience. Using our professionally produced audio and videocasts podcast platforms, you can avoid marketing waste and increase your return on investment and communicate directly to your buying audience.

Campaign Customization

We know your brand is unique so we provide you with a "unique" customized solution for your digital media marketing campaign. Whether you are just starting out or you are extending your media reach, Mark Bishop Media has your answer!

Audio and Video Podcast Training

The degree of effectiveness of your podcast campaigns lies heavily on its level of professionalism. At Mark Bishop Media, we make sure you have the right equipment, know what to say, how to plan your podcasts, invite guests, build your audience and much more.

TRA-Digital Media Marketing

Mark Bishop Media will guide you from the beginning with a discovery discussion of what could be the best practice for your organization. There are many sound good reasons a company would seek to have their own communications podcast, Albeit just audio or visual combined. Other than the Branding and PR kudos that will come from your show, other elements come into play with staff communication, essential personnel training for sales, and media presentations. Talk to us about this possibility for your firm and the various working concepts that could suit your internal planning and internal communications. In-house studio design, equipment, and hands-on training and production are all part of the service package.

YOUR VERY OWN Podcast show!

I will teach you, train you and hold your hand all the way for you to be successful!

What is successful?
What would that look like to you, more B2C customers maybe more B2B clients?

Perhaps just very cost-effective Branding and Public Relations?

Or maybe you have just always wanted your very own radio show to talk about your favorite topic and invite your favorite guests.

I am a 40-year media veteran with interview and communication sales skills second to none and offer you this promise…

If you don’t get results, I’ll give you your money back!
(Obviously, some conditions would apply)

Contact me via the contact form on this site or email me directly mark@markbishopmedia.com and get the ball rolling!

You know the old cliché, “Nothing ventured-Nothing gained”


Did you know?

Percent of Listeners Prefer Podcasts

Percent of People Listen Weekly

Percent Find New Podcasts

Million Listeners by 2024

Digital Media Access Anywhere

Distribute professionally created audio and video podcasts, accessible by people worldwide on any device.

Audience Analytics

You'll receive detailed distribution and social media analytics when you work with us. You can see how your business is growing each and every month. Adjustments can be done quickly.

Multi-Device Access

With today's multi-device access, your audio or visual audience can be reached anywhere on their favorite device.

Live and On Demand

Mark Bishop Media provides both live and on demand video podcasts for live streamed or professionally edited on demand podcasts and our featured business shows.

Worldwide Distribution

Your media is not bound by any geographical boundaries. Both audio and video podcasts can reach audiences anywhere in the world. So, you can create an international audience if you choose to.

Just a Few Testimonials...



Healthy Success - Informative, Helpful and Fun!

Join us and Spin the Wheel!

Doctors, strategic medical professionals including surgeons, nutritionists, scientists and naturalists sharing their knowledge and experience as well as the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes with the Healthy Success Wheel of Fun”

Our Multimedia Distribution

Reach a wider audience with TRA-Digital Media


Are you looking for a comprehensive but affordable solution to multimedia marketing, then you found it!

Mark Bishop, the founder of Mark Bishop Media has of 40 years of professional television, radio and podcast experience. His award winning style and delivery enhances your overall podcast experience, thus making it easy to attract your audience to your media.

Your podcasts can be audio or video and presented in both a live or on demand format. They can be accessed on all devices, and optimally formatted to your favorite devices as well. Your audience can take you anywhere they go.

Mark Bishop Media uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure your media assets are reaching your audience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to directly target when and where they listen and that is further enhanced with leading email automation and top in class video streaming.

Awesome Production

Mark Bishop Media’s production team ensures your media assets are professionally created with both an introduction and exit to each podcast. Each is enhanced and edited so that your listeners will enjoy the overall experience.

Comprehensive Marketing

Not just social media marketing…Mark Bishop Media integrates all types of digital media so that its campaigns reach a diverse, large but targeted market for your products and services promotions.

Worldwide Distribution

Your digital media assets; audio and video, reach multiple podcast and videocast platforms including your social media sites every time you publish an event.

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